Local Focus

Supporting local, and knowing where your products come from is important to us. Our gourmet charcuterie boxes and grazes are full of local artisan cheeses, cured meats, honey & crackers on Vancouver Island.

Local Cheeses

HaltwhistleClevedon, Abergavenny, Tadwick, Nailsea & Thombury.
BoMé – Brie Happy, Coombozola, Garlic Brie, Spiced Shepherd’s Feta, Bomarti, & Four Season Autumn, Winter & Spring Cheese.
Salt SpringBasil Chèvre

Local Cured Meats

Haus Sausage CoGrand Marnier Coppa, Garlic Lonza, Lemon Fennel Salami, Cherry Chorizo, Espresso Salami, Habanero Lime Salami, Red Wine Salami, Spicy Dill, & Dry Pepperoni.

Local Crackers

Jenny Marie CrackersSalt, Salt & Pepper, & Rosemary Crackers.
Lesley Stowe Raincoast CrispsFig & Olive, Cranberry & Hazelnut, & Rosemary Raisin Peacan.

Local Honey

Wild Roots Flower FarmLocal & seasonal bouquets, Greenery, Herbs, & Honeycomb.
Country Bee Honey Prairie Wildflower Honey.
Fredricks HoneyHoney & Honeycomb.

Local Farms

Cowichan Valley FarmsChicken liver.

Local Treats

Karmen’s Cookies
Rockcoast Toffee Bark

Local Flower Farm

Wild Roots Flower FarmLocal & seasonal bouquets, Greenery, Veggies & Herbs.
Spoon & Spade’s Veggies, Greenery & Herbs.

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