Emma H.

We used Spoon and Spade for a wedding reception event and it was the talk of the day!!! What an absolutely BEAUTIFUL spread! Huge chunks of cheeses, meats and a variety of pickled veggies. The table was picked clean by the end of the day. Very professional service, definitely worth the price and I would use them again.

Sarah E. K.

I’ve purchased a few boxes at this point and it’s safe to say I’m a HUGE fan. The quality is incredible, the team is enormously helpful and super accommodating of allergies, and you can choose between delivery or three pickup locations. We’re booking Spoon & Spade for our part of our wedding, too. Support local, but more importantly, support this business. They deserve it.

Samaya C.

Truly a 5 star treat! We were given the Picnic Box as a gift. Wow! I believe it will become a yearly custom. Beautifully created, delicious, flavourful, unique and totally worth it! This isn’t your generic store-bought jar stuff. Truly crafted, local and amazing. We will be looking forward to our next one.